Heavy Equipment Repair and Maintenence

No Job Is Too Large for Us

JDS has been providing heavy equipment maintenance and repair services since 1981. When it comes to servicing highly specialized equipment, you need someone with the expertise to get the job done right. We have the experience working with specialized machinery necessary to ensure quality work, no matter the job.

What types of heavy machinery can we maintain and repair?

  • Mobile Medical Clinics

  • Semi-Trucks

  • Construction Equipment

  • Fleet Services

  • Generators and Compressors

  • Much More — Contact Us!

Special Offers

Free DOT Inspections

For a limited time, JDS is offering a free DOT inspection to any vehicle not serviced here before. Fill out the contact form or give us a call to get the details, & just mention you read this here!

What We Do

We get the job done.

JDS is a full-service repair facility that can service all of your heavy equipment and machinery. We have a team of trained, professional drivers who can transport your heavy equipment anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. For more information on this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

JDS is not a typical repair shop — what sets us apart is our capability to handle heavy machinery of any size and variety with competence and skilled workmanship. We service all heavy equipment, from trucks and trailers, to construction equipment, to generators and compressors. If it has an engine, we can service it. We also specialize in the rebuilding of wrecked and/or burned equipment. See below for examples of our work and contact us to discuss your needs.

Mobile Medical Clinics

One of our specialties at JDS is repairing and reconditioning mobile medical trailers. We recondition existing trailers to modern standards and transport them all over the United States. We can also build a brand new medical trailer to your exact specifications. At JDS, we understand the ins and outs of this specialized field and have almost 40 years of experience reconditioning, servicing, and building medical trailers. For more information on how we can refurbish or custom-build a mobile clinic for you, view our page dedicated to our mobile medical clinic services.

Semi-Truck Repair

At JDS, we have the expertise in tractor-trailer repairs to quickly get you and your truck back in great condition and on the road. We can perform general servicing and also handle more intensive jobs, such as repairing trucks that have been wrecked or burned. We offer mobile servicing, repairs, and towing services to all truckers and trucking companies. Whether your trucking business is just you and your truck, or a large company with many trucks and drivers, we will help you ensure they are in their best working condition.

Construction Equipment Repair

What sets JDS apart from your standard repair shop is our ability to take on large jobs concerning specialized equipment. In construction work, your time is money. You can trust our construction equipment repair and maintenance services to ensure you don’t miss out on any more time than necessary before getting back to work. Contact us for more information about the repair jobs we can take on.

Fleet Services

At JDS, we have both the qualifications and the space to handle your fleet repair needs. Come to us for general maintenance and repair of your fleets of semi-trailers, construction equipment, or any other type of heavy equipment. We’ll get your fleet serviced so you can get your business back on the road in safe, working condition.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you have a lot of moving parts to manage, even if the fleet is in working condition. We can make worrying about general maintenance and repair of your fleet vehicles a thing of the past.

Generators and Compressors

If you rely on generators and compressors for backup power in your home, business, truck, or anything else, come to JDS for any of your generator and compressor repair needs. As with all of our other services, the team at JDS is capable of handling projects of any size and variety.

Contact JDS Trucking for Heavy Equipment Repairs and Manufacturing

If you're in the 48 contiguous states, JDS can help you with highly specialized heavy equipment repair jobs. Our team of qualified mechanics, fabricators, drivers, and others work together to ensure your job is done to both your specifications and our high standards. Contact us today for more information about the jobs we can handle, our transportation services, or any other questions.

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Heavy Equipment

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