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40 Years of Mobile Medical Trailer Service

At JDS Trucking, full service for everything mobile medical trailer related is our specialty. Whether you need routine repair and maintenance, refurbishment to modern standards, or a fully custom build, we can handle your job. We’re based in Ohio, and our team of qualified drivers can transport your mobile medical trailer anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.

JDS Trucking offers comprehensive mobile medical trailer solutions. Some of our services include:

  • Complete medical trailer refurbishment and reconditioning

  • Custom trailer designs and complete new builds

  • Mobile repair services, so your clinics can remain in the field

  • A large shop with extensive fabrication capabilities

  • Country-wide trailer transportation

  • Trailer storage with 480 volt 3-phase electrical power

  • Parts sales such as generators, lift gates, HVAC, etc.

  • Trailer Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Trustworthiness and experience — don't just take our word for it. Let us show you!

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When it comes to experience and customer service in the specialized field of mobile medical trailer servicing, few can match JDS Trucking. We specialize in the building and repair of mobile medical trailers at every step of the process. Read on for an overview of our services, and follow the links to learn more about what we can do for you.

Custom Mobile Medical Trailers

The JDS Trucking Company is known far and wide for its high-quality custom trailer creation. Our mobile medical trailers are unmatched in customizability, because we know that you’re already familiar with what you need. We’re just here to craft it for you from scratch. Whatever reason you need your mobile medical trailer for, we can satisfy. We can even get into more granular detail to help you ensure the trailer is easier to maneuver and use. You can customize everything from the type of medical trailer to even the gooseneck and bumper pull.

More importantly, whatever means of transport you prefer, we can humor you with. If you’re more interested in a semi trailer outfitted for your medical needs we can accommodate you easily, as well as crafting vehicles and trucks to fit those needs as well. Wherever your preference and need lie, we’re here to satisfy them. That’s why we offer a huge selection of generalized medical service trailers as well as very specific medical trailers. We’re passionate about getting you on the road, so let’s get started.

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Types of Mobile Medical Trailers

With the right medical trailer, you can relocate your health care services to anywhere they’re needed most. Medical trailers of all kinds, shapes and sizes are extremely valuable assets to the community and to the health care networks they represent. They make it easy to spread necessary, valued care anywhere in the world. Depending on the type of event the medical trailer is being used for, whether it’s a huge concert or providing care during a natural disaster, medical trailers need to be outfitted with different resources and tools to help doctors and nurses be most effective for those they’re trying to aid. Here at JDS Trucking, we provide a huge selection of different types of available medical trailers.

We can outfit your custom trailer to be totally suited to your needs with tools like handicap lifts, exam lights, lead lined walls, blood draw chairs, exterior outlets and so much more to ensure that your medical team has everything they need to perform life saving tasks on-board. Plus, all of this is in addition to how we’ll outfit your trailer once you choose the specific type of medical trailer you need. We can custom craft a large selection of trailers that cover a variety of different medical services.

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Mobile PET/CT

Through JDS Trucking, you can access the state-of-the art equipment you need on-the-go in our premium PET/CT imaging trailers. With our trailers, you’ll have a wide variety of imaging systems and models to access and choose from, leaving the most important part of your trailer customization up to you. You’ll be able to choose the type of imaging and ensure you’re selecting a quality machine that will produce the data you and your team need to be able to make the conclusions that will save lives.

Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule your imaging services based on the schedule that fits you. You can choose to have your trailer open only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or toggle your schedule to fit the rest of your busy week with ease.

With high-quality equipment at your side at all times, you won’t have to send patients away to other labs to get the test and data you need to make efficient diagnoses and create treatments sooner, rather than later.

Mobile MRI.png

Mobile MRI

Don’t rely on the services of other hospitals. If you have the demand and your health care team has the need, why not invest in an affordable and clever solution? A mobile MRI trailer can open up numerous possibilities and conveniences for both your team of experts as well as your clients.

Our high-quality trailers are custom-fitted to all of your needs, and we’ll be sure to cater to the needs that may not even occur to you. For example, we ensure that all of our units are independently tested for compliance and that they have undergone rigorous evaluations to ensure their quality and safety. We’ll ensure that all units have magnetic shields to allow transportation of this costly and dangerous equipment that is easy and safe.

Additionally, we’re careful to design our units according to local laws, electrical services, roads, and even climates so that you can rest easy, knowing that your unit is built to provide you with a superior custom experience based on your specific needs.

Invest in Professional Cleaning For Your Trailer

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Mobile Mammography

As everyone in the health industry understands, and anyone whose lost someone to breast cancer knows, early detection and fast action are the best ways to save lives and ensure happy futures for women and families everywhere. That’s why our state-of-the-art medical trailers can be outfitted to offer mammograms anywhere you go. Whether you’re looking to offer peace of mind to folks in the middle of a breast cancer march, or if you’re just hoping to offer your current patients access to the service without having to drive across town, our premium units are the answer.

Your medical trailer can be outfitted specifically to offer high-quality mammograms that provide the life saving data that women everywhere need. Based on your climate, how mobile you want your trailer to be, and more, we can create a medical unit that runs smoothly and provides you with the extra service offerings your clients require.

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Mobile Lab

A mobile lab is one of the most versatile medical trailers you could likely invest in. With a mobile lab, you can provide unmatched services all over your area. You’ll be able to equip your trailer to perform whatever tests you need most, including blood labs, health screenings, cancer screening and virus tests and antibody tests. Spreading these services far and wide doesn’t just make it easier for people to access your services — it makes it easier for your current clients to access the valuable testing they need. The sooner they can get tested, the sooner you’ll be able to draw conclusions from those tests and begin treatment plans that could save their lives.

It’s not just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of making your services more timely than ever before while providing clients, both present and future, with the results they want faster than ever.

Mobile Surgical Units.png

Mobile Surgical Units

Surgical spaces are finicky and require quite a bit of control over the environment to ensure you’re limiting the chances of infection and making the procedure as easy and painless as possible. What if you could do all of that in a self-contained, totally mobile area? Creating a medical-grade, and totally climate-controlled space where you can perform the surgeries that are needed most out in the field might just be one of the easier ways to spread life saving health care services.

Our surgical medical trailers are completely customizable, and you can add important features, such as patient-screening areas, gowning rooms, and even exam rooms — all into a single medical trailer that’s totally equipped to provide your team of experts the materials they need to save lives on-the-go.

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Mobile Clinic/Treatment

A mobile urgent care or drop-in clinic is widely regarded as one of the most efficient ways to spread important health care services throughout a community. These trailers can be offered in multiple sizes to suit your specific needs and make it easier than ever for your patients to pursue their health and wellness with convenient care. Equip a medical trailer with all of the equipment you need to start helping people who can’t, necessarily, take themselves into urgent care when they need it most.

Our designs are all flexible as they’re meant to provide you with full control over how you care for your patients and what services you can offer when you’re away from the main care center.

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Mobile Radiology

Mobile testing is growing more and more popular, especially as the world leans away from leaving home and making long commutes. Don’t choose to send your clients away for their testing. Invest in a mobile radiology vehicle to make accessing the tests your health care experts need easy. With on-site and mobile testing at your fingertips at all times, your team won’t have to wait to make a life-saving diagnosis. They’ll have the data they need to start treatment for your patients sooner, rather than later.

Invest in the resources you need in order to make your patients lives and your team’s lives easier.

Mobile Dental Trailer.png

Mobile Dental Trailer

Bringing your business on the road is one of the best ways to find more people that need your services. Investing in a mobile dental trailer that can allow you to move from rural county to rural county, might be just what you need to access more patients and provide care more readily. Expand your reach with a fully custom and totally outfitted dental services trailer that will allow you to take the dental care folks' need out on the open road.

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Refurbished Mobile Medical Trailers

If you’re not looking to invest in a totally custom medical trailer, you might just need a refurbished, previously used medical trailer that will suit your needs. Here at JDS, we refurbish older medical trailers and make them brand new once more. They’re perfectly suited for those who don’t need a totally custom application but are attracted to the idea of being able to bring their services to a larger population via mobile services.

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