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At JDS Trucking, we specialize in comprehensive mobile medical trailer solutions. Whether you need a medical trailer built from the ground up to your specifications, need repairs, or need a trailer refurbished to modern functionality, you can trust our team to get the job done right. Once your job is finished, our team of trained, professional drivers can transport your unit anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Read on for more information about building a custom mobile medical trailer, and contact us today to get started.

Mobile Medical Units Built From the Ground Up

  • Mobile MRI

  • Mobile CT scan

  • Mobile PET/CT

  • Mobile Blood Drive Units

  • Medical Training Units

  • Any other custom job!

When you choose JDS Trucking, you choose nearly 40 years of experience with heavy equipment repairs of all types, with a specialty in the manufacture and repair of mobile medical trailers. We have the experience in this specialized field to complete your mobile medical trailer projects to your exact specifications. Mobile medical trailers serve the extremely valuable service of making medical treatment more accessible to all, and can also provide other applications such as on-the-spot medical training. We are proud to provide medical trailers to our customers so they can provide the highest-quality service to their patients and improve lives all around the country. The following are just a couple of the options we can custom-build for you:

Custom Mobile MRI Trailers

One of the more popular options we can build to your specifications is a mobile medical trailer fully-equipped with MRI scanners. These units can be designed to include everything else you need besides the scanner itself — the control room, shielding, and all the other necessary amenities. This can all be custom-installed inside a semi-trailer for easy transportation and access, making it ideal for our customers for a variety of reasons. Mobile medical trailers are perfect for facilities with space constraints, those that need short-term rentals, and those that want to split purchasing costs with other facilities. Reach out today to get started with buying and designing your own custom mobile MRI trailer.

JDS Trucking — Custom Mobile Clinic Manufacturers You Can Rely On

Mobile medical MRI and CT units are just part of what we can provide. Whatever the custom job you need, we have a professional team and decades of experience ensuring we are fit to take on the job. We’ll work with you to design a trailer to the exact needs of your business, so you can provide the care your patients need. To make the entire process more efficient and convenient, once your trailer is completed, we’ll bring it to you anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Contact us today, and let JDS Trucking start building the exact custom mobile medical trailer you need.


How to Craft Your Custom Medical Trailer

When you’re preparing to invest in a mobile medical trailer, there’s a variety of questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you’re ready to start the customization process. At JDS Trucking, we want your custom solution to meet all of your needs in ways you might not even expect, which is why we provide a thorough interview before embarking on a custom project.

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What Are Your Mobility Requirements?

Do you live in an area that’s known for bad winter conditions? Are you wary of any sort of dangerous road conditions when you’re taking your medical trailer out? Are you intending to bring the trailer in to assist during natural disasters? If that’s the case, do you feel the need to invest in a 4x4?

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What Medical Specialty Are Your Pursuing?

We offer a huge selection of specialties that we can outfit onto a mobile medical trailer. But before we begin, you’ll need to have some idea what you intend to use this trailer for.

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Have You Decided on A Platform?

Surely, you have a certain amount of square footage in mind for your medical trailer. You’ll need to be able to comfortably store all the medical equipment you need on-board as well as allow your team of medical staff to move comfortably around the space. The amount of space you have and the number of people you can treat relies largely on the type of medical trailer you invest in as well as the platform you wish to use for it. Mobility is acquired in several ways, so you’ll need to determine if an ISO container or a truck-based medical van is better for your service and satisfying client’s needs. We offer a decent selection of mobility options, and we’ll be able to discuss your options with you when you settle on the type of application you’re hoping to use the trailer for. For example, an MRI will hardly fit comfortably in a smaller platform, so those adjustments will have to be made at that time.

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How Often Do You Plan To Relocate Your Trailer?

The number of times you’ll be moving your trailer details how mobile it really needs to be. If you’re moving it around as often as daily, it obviously needs to be very mobile and easy to operate. If you’re planning to almost never move the medical trailer, you have other options and can usually opt for a larger set-up because of that. First, determine your frequency, then we can determine the size needed.

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Do You Have Brand Preferences?

If you have certain brands of equipment that you prefer to use, please inform us of that. We can work to help you fit just about any kind of equipment into your space, but if you have thoughts about what exactly that equipment needs to be, we’ll need to know that on the front end of the process to make your custom medical trailer comes out exactly the way you and your team like it.

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How Many Patients Are You Aiming To Serve?

If you’re creating a mobile clinic, the number of people you’ll want to have the capacity to serve on a daily basis will be larger than if you’re trying to invest in an MRI medical trailer. Determine what the capacity of the trailer should ideally be so that we can outfit it properly for your needs.

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Do You Want To Interact With Patients Inside, Or Outside?

If you’re hoping to only interact with patients when they’re inside your trailer, you’ll need to invest in a waiting room area in the trailer. If you’re fine with interacting with them outside, as well as inside, your options are a little more open and easier to maneuver. Depending on your preference, we can install an awning for your waiting clients to rest under outside of the trailer, or we can install an entire patient education area and consultation area as well. Your customization will depend entirely on your needs, you’ll just need to define those requirements first.

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Do You Want To Provide Either a Public or Private Restroom?

Depending on how far you intend to wander with your mobile medical trailer, you may need to invest in bathroom facilities for both your team and your patients. Additionally, depending on the type of testing you intend to do while there, you may need to install a bathroom in order for patients to collect certain sample types.

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Would You Be Interested In Alternative Power Solutions?

Your medical trailer will need to have access to power of some kind. Whether you’re looking to invest in a generator or solar panels, you’ll need to describe what sort of energy sources you’re open to using.

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