Refurbished Mobile Medical Trailers

Bring your trailers into the modern age!

Don’t Sell Your Outdated Mobile Medical Trailer — Update It!

The medical field is fast moving. Equipment purchased years ago, and specifically your mobile medical trailers, may no longer be up to date with current technology and standards. Rather than losing out on your investment by purchasing an entirely new trailer, JDS Trucking can help you refurbish outdated medical trailers to current industry standards. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Update Your Mobile Medical Trailers

  • Replace old technology

  • Redesign for accessibility

  • Easier than selling and buying a new trailer

  • We’ll pick up your trailer anywhere in the contiguous 48 states

  • Nearly four decades of experiences

At JDS Trucking, we strive to create an all-in-one stop for mobile medical trailer services and heavy equipment repair. Regardless of your mobile medical trailer needs, we can provide excellent repair, maintenance, or custom building services backed by nearly four decades of industry experience. JDS Trucking is based in Ohio, but to make things even more convenient for our customers, we have a team of trained, professional drivers who can pick up and deliver your mobile medical vehicle anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.

From Custom Mobile Medical Vehicle Jobs to Refurbishing

Mobile medical vehicles provide the vital service of making healthcare accessible to a wide variety of people, locations, and events. The applications are nearly endless, and mobile medical vehicles can be custom-built for an enormous range of medical procedures, as well as serving as training units for clinics. If you need a custom trailer built from the ground up, we can handle the job, and if you need a unit repaired or refurbished, we can also tailor these repairs to your needs. We are proud to help healthcare providers by building excellent mobile medical vehicles, so they can continue to serve their communities with the best technology available. JDS Trucking allows healthcare providers to focus on what really matters, by keeping their mobile medical clinics in

Mobile Medical Vehicles Repair and Refurbishing — CT, MRI, and Much More

Our industry experience, team of skilled workers, and large shop allow us to take on any heavy equipment repair or custom mobile medical trailer job. We can outfit your outdated trailer with modern CT scanners, MRI machines, PET/CT scanners, or nearly anything else required to provide your patients with excellent medical care. In addition to outfitting trailers with new technology, we can update the frame, layout, control room, and anything else you need to provide the best service possible.

Contact JDS Trucking to Refurbish Your Mobile Medical Unit

Specialty vehicle manufacturing and repair is our forte. From custom jobs to repair and refurbishing, JDS Trucking is a name you can trust to get your mobile medical trailer jobs done the right way. Our team of drivers will come to you and transport your vehicle to our shop to complete the job. Contact us today to get started with your mobile medical trailer project!


Reinvent Your Mobile Medical Trailer

If you find that you’re no longer satisfied with how your current medical trailer is outfitted, we can help. Our refurbishing services make it easy to upgrade your medical trailer to your new specifications. We offer a huge selection of equipment that you can upgrade with, flooring options and other amenities that can help your medical team make those important diagnoses faster than ever before.



A Few Of Our Offered Available Upgrades:

  • Improved Generators

  • Restrooms

  • Mammography Equipment

  • MRI Equipment

  • PET/CT Equipment

  • Lab Equipment

  • Improved Treatment Furniture

  • Radiology Equipment

  • Added Storage Areas

  • Heat Protection

  • General Medical Equipment

  • Extreme Cold Protection

  • Built-In HVAC For Ventilation

  • PA Systems

  • Sound-Proof Booths

  • Wheelchair Accessibility & Lifts

  • WiFi



A Few Of Our Offered Available Replacement Equipment:

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Display Elements (like kiosks and patient information areas)

  • Awnings

  • Cabinets

  • Furniture

  • Improved Examination Stations

  • Exterior & Interior Electrical Outlets

  • Floor Coverings

  • Wall Coverings

  • TVs & Other Electronics

  • Security Systems

Create What You Want With What You Already Have

What is Affordable and Plausible To Refurbish and What Isn't?

Like we mentioned, you may need a new, custom creation to meet your updated needs. But, if we can, we’d much rather help you refurbish your current medical trailer to fit those instead. That being said, there’s only so much you can do to an existing trailer to update it. Use this guideline to help you determine whether you need a new medical trailer or just a refurbishing of the current one.


Do You Need More Space?

If you’re currently stationed in a smaller medical trailer and the demand for your services is going up, it’s likely you’ll have to invest in a new custom trailer. However, depending on what new services you’ll be offering in your trailer and how the original setup was laid out, there might be a few ways that we can consign space and rearrange the layout to better suit your new capacity expectations.



Are You Trying To Include New Medical Equipment?

Computers are smaller now than ever before. So, if you’re only looking to improve the mobile clinic’s electronic appliances and put a new coat of paint on the walls, that can be a simple fix. But, if we’re installing a new type of medical equipment, like an MRI or something on a larger scale, we’ll need to set sizing expectations. A trailer that once offered a clinic space cannot do that and also provide enough space for lab work. Similarly, a medical trailer that was once used to give mammograms will not be able to do that on top of offering MRI tests. Depending on your expectations for the trailer, we can toggle your vision to better suit your budget and your needs.

Reach Out To JDS Trucking to Get Started

Whether you’re looking to refurbish an existing medical trailer or if you need an overhaul of the trailer to reinvent your service menu, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today to begin the consultation process. We’re happy to help advise you on whether you need to refurbish or create a custom trailer that meets your expectations better.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.