Trailer Cleaning Services

Trailer and Mobile Medical Cleaning Services

Investing in a cleaning service always seems like an added expense that you may not need to invest in. However, a cleaning service for your medical trailer is an important step to keeping your trailer in working order and reliable for years to come. Luckily, JDS Trucking offers a wide selection of cleaning services for all kinds of trailers. Because we build them, we know better than anyone else just where dirt could collect, where sneaky allergens could get crusted up and the areas that need extra cleaning attention. Don’t trust just anyone to clean the trailer that makes your business mobile and more profitable. Trust the pros.


Our Cleaning Services Include:

  • Cleaning Ceilings
  • Cleaning Walls
  • Cleaning Floors
  • Vacuuming Cabinets, Chairs & Rugs
  • Cleaning Equipment (Including MRIs, CTs, Patient Tables & More)
  • Removing Garbage
  • Cleaning Desks & Cabinets
  • Buffing & Waxing Floors
  • Cleaning Windows
  • And More

Why You Need a High-Quality Cleaning Service

Cleaning services for a trailer, which is merely an extension of your business most of the time, may seem superfluous. But it's extremely important. Indeed, because your medical trailer is an extension of your business, it should never present an image that you would otherwise be unsatisfied with. Ensuring that your trailer lives up to the standards that you set for it is imperative to maintaining your brand image and the kind of quality service that your customers have come to expect. Plus, there’s a litany of other reasons to invest.

Mobile Medical Trailers


Decrease Your Stress

Dirt collects with a vengeance. It comes through the vents, through the door and through the windows and it collects in hard to reach places. And you can send your own cleaning crew through a million times and they still won’t be able to make it spotless. Which won’t be too much of a problem when it’s brand new, but a year of dirt collecting in the nooks and crannies that your regular cleaning team wouldn't look to check means more irritating allergens and potential smell issues. In fact, it’s important to invest in a deep cleaning at least once per year for your trailer. Which will make it cleaner in the long term and make you worry far less about how that dirt is collecting and gathering and how you’re going to get it out. All you need is to remove the unsureness surrounding your schedule.


Thorough Work

Because we build trailers, we know medical trailers. This is especially true if we’ve built your medical trailer for you. We’ll have a far better understanding of how the air flow moves through the cabin, and where dirt will collect where a traditional cleaning crew might not know to look. Our cleaning services are always exceptionally thorough and they’re designed to never leave you disappointed. All of our cleaning crews are intimately familiar with medical trailers, how they work, and what is the largest priority to be cleaned. Thus, when you invest in a deep cleaning, you’ll be getting a deeper cleaning than you could ever bargain for.


Specialized Supplies

Because our team is familiar with cleaning specialized areas, we need specialized products and tools. We utilize high-quality disinfectant that won’t leave a strong lingering scent, as it’s hard to air out medical trailers. We use specialized cleaning tools that help us access those hard to reach spots and corners that tend to be prevalent in most medical trailers. The chemicals we use won’t eat away at the materials that make up your medical trailer. You won’t need to worry about the stitching on the examination table cushions dissolving under the stress of harsh chemicals or any other issues.



We understand that you’re busy and that your clinic, above all, is very busy. So we won’t make you up-end your day and your trailer. We’ll come to you and make it easy for you to get your deep cleaning done right. We know just how hard it can be to make a medical trailer that was made to be an add on and an overflow space mobile again. So, we won’t make you. We take pride in being accessible and easy to schedule, so feel free to reach out to us no matter what type of pinch you’re currently in.

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Here at JDS Trucking, we’re passionate about helping you get and manage the tools you need to make more of your business. Our medical trailers can be designed and customized to fit all of your needs and make it easy to serve your patients and clients faster and more effectively than ever before. No matter what the installation entails, we’re here to provide the support you need to make it happen.

If you’re in need of trailer cleaning services or your medical trailer just isn’t getting as clean as it was before, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and learn more.

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